The vision of Ducks Unlimited is to have sufficient wetlands to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow, and forever.

Welcome to the Morgan County Waterfowlers
Ducks Unlimited Chapter,
Morgan County, Ohio.
Where wetlands conservation, waterfowling traditions, and family values are important!

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Tickets will soon be on sale for our 13th Annual Dinner Banquet - October 14, 2017
Clarence E. Miller Ohio National Guard Armory, 4497 Hawk Drive, McConnelsville, Ohio

The Morgan County DU chapter won two state "Duck Head" awards at the Ohio Ducks Unlimited 2017
State Awards Dinner held in Wilmington, Ohio on February 18, 2017.  The photo below
shows chapter representatives Jim Johnson and Todd Spence with State DU Chairman, Bill Ebert.


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Morgan County Waterfowlers Ducks Unlimited 13th Annual Dinner Banquet
Saturday, October 14, 2017
Clarence E. Miller National Guard Armory
4497 Hawk Drive, McConnelsville, Ohio 43756

Doors Open at 5:30 PM - Dinner at 6:30 PM - Live Auction at 7:30 PM
Your Ticket includes event attendance and a one-year membership to Ducks Unlimited.
No Tickets will be sold at the Door!
Please note: A photo ID is required of all adult entry
to facility.

Ducks Unlimited in Ohio: By The Numbers - 2016
  • $2.58 million invested
  • 2, 940 acres conserved
  • 14 projects completed
Ducks Unlimited in Ohio: By The Numbers - Historical
  • $28.4 million invested
  • 87,979 total acres conserved
For more information visit

Ohio State "Duck Head Awards
2016 State Chapter Awards:
6th Place - Greenwing Membership Award - 2016
7th Place - Calendar Raffle - 2016

2015 State Chapter Awards:
"Bronze Unlimited Excellence Award  2015"
"5th Place - Calendar Raffle Event Award 2015"
"9th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2015"

2013 State Chapter Awards:
"4th Place - Greatest Increase Net/Net: Dinner Event 2013"
"9th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2013"

2008 State Chapter Awards:
"1st Place - Greatest Increase Net/Net: Dinner Event 2008"

"7th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2008"

2007 State Chapter Awards:
"4th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2007"

"5th Place - SBA Award 2007"

2006 State Chapter Awards:
"2nd Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2006"

"4th Place - SBA Award 2006"

2005 State Chapter Awards:
"Rookie Chapter of the Year 2005"
 "3rd Place -SBA Award 2005"
"8th Place - Total Attendance Award 2005"
"9th Place - Greenwing Membership Award 2005"
Greenwing Event with
                                              Cub Scouts

Greenwing Event: We made wood duck nesting boxes with the cub scouts March 7, 2016.

  Buy Your Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamps
  The Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp is available now at
Proceeds from sales of the stamp help fund vital wetland habitat restoration projects in Ohio.
Click on the calendar above to see the weekly raffle winners.
314 guns raffled off every day Monday-Saturday
based on pick 4 Ohio Lotto results.

A message from David Brakhage, GLARO Director of Operations:
Ducks Unlimited is celebrating our 80th anniversary in 2017. As an organization, we can trumpet our accomplishments knowing how strongly equipped we are to improve the health of wetlands across North America for the next generation.

The 21-state Great Lakes/Atlantic Region is a diverse landscape of habitats ranging from prairie potholes in the upper Midwest to coastal estuaries in the Atlantic Flyway, with Great Lake marshes and riverine wetlands in between. Our region had a tremendous impact in 2016. We used private donations and public funds to invest $29,049,039 on conservation projects. That strong support enabled our biologists and engineers to deliver focused, effective habitat conservation on 15,616 acres of wetlands.

Ohio is vital to the goals of our region and the country. The entire team in Ohio, including our volunteers, fundraising staff and conservation staff, has developed a winning strategy that helps waterfowl and anyone who enjoys clean water.
The work you see in this report is a snapshot of the conservation Ducks Unlimited achieves every day. We need and appreciate your support, as we build on this success for the next 80 years.

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